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Cedric “Cedex” Reid and Hezekiah “Eazy” Gibson started the Tuskegee Airmen Motorcycle Club of Alabama in January 2016. Prior to establishing the chapter, Cedex and Eazy both were in another club together, but wanted to establish a Tuskegee Airmen chapter in Alabama, where it began for the original airmen.

     In December 2015, Cedex and Eazy went to Atlanta and met with the founder of the Tuskegee Airmen Motorcycle Club, Roy "Too Strong” Gows, at his home to discuss starting a chapter.  Too Strong said he always wanted to have a chapter in Alabama and would be happy to recommend us to his National Council (N.A.T.A.M.C.).  Cedex and Eazy met with the National Council and stated their reasons for starting a chapter in Alabama.  In late January 2016, the National Council voted unanimously in favor of Alabama starting its first chapter.

     The chapter’s first board of officers wERE Cedric “Cedex” Reid Founder and President, Hezekiah “Eazy” Gibson Vice President, Darlene “Demp” Gibson Secretary, Anthony “Voodoo Child” Bush Treasurer, Kenny “Night Rider” Whitman Sargent-At-Arms, Carl “Big Mac” McDuffie Business Manager, Julian “Ghost Ryder” Johnson Road Major, Don “Newsman” Hudson Road Captain, Linda “Lady Bug” Reid Historian, Sandra “Sassy” Bush Photographer, MT "Preach" Hicks Chaplin and Kathleen “Gee Gee” Whitman.

Mission + Vision

Tuskegee airmen motorcycle club huntsville


Tuskegee Airmen Motorcycle Club Huntsville, AL  2003



Cedric "cedex" Reid